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Britain’s most bizarre records

Jessie Brown

Britain's oldest dog is 100 but is he holding the most impressive UK record?

100 year old dog

Party ... Even 100 year olds can get down and party

BRITAIN is known for its eccentric people, places and events which makes a perfect concoction to have some seriously impressive records. Impressive yes, but maybe quirky is a more appropriate word. Make your own judgements from our list:

1. Daisy the Jack Russell from Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire is now 22 dog years old which equates to 100 in human years. Happy Birthday Daisy!

2. Staying on the theme of animals and a cat from Northampton called Smokey holds the record for the world’s loudest purr. Smokey let out a purr that reached 67.7 dB (LA peak), equivalent to the sound level of a vacuum cleaner, which is very loud for a cat.Troll dolls

3. The smallest roadworthy car comes from Wingrave in the UK. This might not sound impressive but the car is not even two traffic cones tall, measuring less than 105 centimetres in height.

4. Speaking of traffic cones, David Morgan from Burford actually has the largest collection in the world. He has a whopping 137 different kinds of cones…talk about hoarding.

5. Brits just love to collect things. Ann Atkin from the UK owns the largest garden gnomes and pixie collection with 2, 042 of them living in her four acre garden. Lisa Courtney from Welwyn Garden City owns the largest collection of Pokemon memorabilia with more than 14, 000 pieces. And our favourite is Sophie Cross from Wallingford who has collected 633 troll dolls.

The list of unusual record held by the Brits goes on and on, it is possibly even too vast for the internet. So we are going to stop our list here, but feel free to post your own personal records in the comment box below.

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