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Best Olympics moments

Richard Jinman

Wow, what a fortnight! Here's GB Mag's pick of the best (as well as the scariest and funniest) Olympic moments

Best Olympics moments
Thanks for the memories ... the London Olympics were rammed full of great moments 

PHEW, that was quite a ride wasn’t it? I’m talking about the Olympics, of course, the event that turned us all into armchair experts on previously unknown sports such as trap shooting, the omnium and the keirin.

Were you one of the lucky people in the crowd when British heptathlete Jessica Ennis and Jamaican sprinter Usain Bolt won gold? Or did you watch the Games at home, cheering some of the less obvious achievements such as Sarah Attar becoming the first woman from Saudi Arabia to compete in track and field at the Olympics. Sarah crossed the line last in the 800 metres, but it was a remarkable moment that brought the crowd to its feet.

The Games were full of great moments. Here at GB Mag we were so inspired we've put together a list of our favourites. Check it out and let us know what your highlights (or lowlights) were.


Mo Farah wins the 10,000m then the 5000m

GB Mag's resident Brit was up on his feet and cheering as Somali-born Farah raced home to win the 10,000m. His trademark gesture - the Mobot - is almost as good as Bolt's lightning bolt. And when he added the 10,000m gold to his tally his place in British sporting history was assured.

Usain Bolt retains the Olympic 100m and 200m titles

There was plenty of talk before the 100m final that Bolt was not 100 per cent fit and his Jamaican team mate Yohan Blake might pip him at the post. Those suggestions looked ridiculous after Bolt blazed home in both sprint events, slowing up at the finish line because he realized he'd won, but a world record had eluded him. Bolt makes it all look easy which is a big part of his charm.

Jessica Ennis wins gold in the heptathlon

Best Olympics momentsEnnis (left) had to sit out the Beijing Games with a fractured foot and was told she might not run again competitively. Four years later she was the popular face of Team GB and under huge pressure to deliver. She did so in fine style, building a near insurmountable lead in the heptathalon and climaxing with a personal best score of 6955 points.

Michael Phelps becomes the most decorated Olympian in history

The guy’s a freak. The American swimmer from Towson, Maryland won his 22nd medal in London (he has nine golds). Luckily for the rest of the world he announced his retirement from Olympic swimming. Time to give someone else a chance.

Bradley Wiggins wins gold in the men’s time trial

The UK was still getting used to the idea of a Brit with big sideburns winning the Tour de France when Wiggins got on his bike again for the Olympic time trial. He won his fourth Olympic gold by putting a massive 42 seconds between him and silver medalist Tony Martin of Germany. Wiggins' cycling partner Chris Froome got the bronze and Team GB got some badly needed momentum.

Manteo Mitchell runs a relay with a broken leg

We're not entirely sure if this is incredibly brave or incredibly foolhardy (possibly both). American sprinter Mitchell revealed he ran the last 200m of the men's 4 x 400m relay with a broken leg. "I didn't want to let the three guys of the team down so I just ran on it," he told the BBC. Gutsy.

Team USA breaks the world record as it wins the women's 4 x 100m relay

Led by Carmalita Jeter the Team USA female sprinters blitzed the world record and emphasised that in many ways the London Games were the women's games.

The Spice Girls at the Closing Ceremony

OK, it wasn't exactly a secret the Spice Girls were going to perform, but it was still spectacular and a reminder why we loved them in the first place. 


Robert Harting rips his shirt, jumps hurdles

German discus thrower Robert Harting was in high spirits after he won Germany’s first atheletics gold in 12 years. The big man ripped off his shirt and started jumping hurdles rather elegantly. He had a big night too, sleeping in a train station after losing his pass to get back into the Olympic village.

The Queen leaps out of a plane

Brits couldn’t believe it when James Bond actor Daniel Craig was shown taking a plane ride with The Queen during the opening ceremony. They screamed with delight when Elizabeth II appeared to launch herself out of the aircraft and parachuted to the Olympic stadium.

Mr Bean plays a synthesizer. Badly

Another highlight from the opening ceremony was the sight of Rowan Atkinson (aka Mr Bean) playing the one-note synth riff from the Chariots of Fire theme. The London Philharmonic sent out a tweet a few hours later announcing it had "sacked" it's rubber-faced keyboard player.

Usain Bolt turns photographer

Best Olympics momentsMost things Bolt does are hilarious – check out this picture of him at the wheels of steel earlier this year. We loved it when he borrowed a camera after winning the 200m and started snapping everyone including his team mate Yohan Blake. You can check out the results here. They're not bad! It was also pretty funny when he did his thunderbolt pose with Wenlock the Olympic mascot after the 100m final and when he made a starstruck young female Olympic volunteer blush when he chatted to her before the 200m final. Brits already knew he was a funny guy, because he made a series of television commercials for Virgin internet, in which he wore a blond goatee beard to impersonate Virgin boss Richard Branson.

Eric Idle at the Closing Ceremony

The former Monty Python member proved a surprise hit at the Closing Ceremony with his rendition of Always Look on the Bright Side of Life from the Python movie The Life of Brian. As well as a great singalong tune it sums up the somewhat gloomy British sense of humour.


Lazaro Borges breaks his pole

Sometimes an athlete’s equipment lets them down. That happened in spectacular fashion when Cuban pole vaulter Lazaro Borges snapped his pole in two places during a jump. At least it wasn't his arm. Which brings us to...

Sa Jae-hyouk dislocates his elbow

The prize for the most gruesome Olympic accident goes to this South Korean weight lifter who dislocated his elbow as he tried to lift 162kg. We still can’t watch the video, but if you really want to see it it's below. Don't hit the play button if you're easily shocked.

Diver does a back flop

German diver Stephan Feck became an internet sensation when a dive went spectacularly wrong and he landed flat on his back. The 22-year old from Leipzig managed to do another dive, but then withdrew from the event because he was in so much pain. Ouch.

Women’s triathalon competitors fall off their bikes

What’s worse than falling off your bike onto wet tarmac? Answer: falling off your bike onto wet tarmac at high speed wearing a swimming costume in front of a global television audience. At least four female triathalon competitors came to grief on a slippery corner in central London and had the cuts and bruises to prove it.


Putting the “bad” into badminton

Badminton is not a sport that usually makes the headlines. But that was before the World Badminton Federation charged eight female players with misconduct after they tried to “throw” matches to get a better draw. 

Injured one day, gold medalist the next

Algeria’s Taoufik Makhloufi was banned from competition after walking most of the 800m course. His team argued he was injured and he was allowed to compete in the 1500m which he won hands down. He must have a good doctor.

Fencer weeps … and weeps

South Korean fencer Shin A-lam was so distraught after losing a semi-final in controversial circumstances she sat down on the strip and cried for an hour.

Cyclist says he fell off on purpose

As international students we all know things can sometimes get lost in translation. When German-born Team GB cyclist Philip Hindes told a journalist he had deliberately fallen over in a team cycling heat to force a re-start it caused plenty of red faces.

The judo dope

US judo star Nick Delpopolo (left) was booted out of the Games after eating a cookie laced with marijuana. He apologized on Facebook and said a relative had baked the offending biscuit.

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