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Bank Holidays 2018

Nationally the UK has a total of eight public holidays, with some regional variations such as Northern Ireland where St Patrick’s Day is a public holiday but nowhere else in the UK.

Public holidays are also known colloquially as bank holidays because traditionally the banks would close on these days.

Most of the population get a day off work or their studies during a public holiday and those that work get double time, which means they get twice their salary.

The table below lists the dates for the public holiday in 2018.

Public holiday



New Year's Day

1 January


New Year Holiday

2 January

Only a public holiday in Scotland

St Patrick's Day

19 March

Only a public holiday in Northern Ireland

Good Friday

30 March


Easter Monday

2 April

This isn’t a public holiday in Scotland

May Day Bank Holiday

7 May


Spring Bank Holiday

28 May


Battle of the Boyne / Orangemen's Day

12 July

Only a public holiday in Northern Ireland

Summer Bank Holiday

27 August

In Scotland this holiday is celebrated on the first Monday in August

St Andrew’s Day

30 November

Only a public holiday in Scotland

Christmas Day

25 December


Boxing Day

26 December











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