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10 things to give up for Lent

Lent, a Christian tradition whereby you give up something for 40 days, not including Sundays (don’t ask us why), starts on 14 Feb this year. Traditionally people give up something they really love eating such as chocolate or crisps, but we wanted to make it a bit more interesting by creating a list of things we know will be REALLY hard for you abstain from. Are you up for the challenge?

1.       Not using any social media – ouchhhh

2.       Not finishing texts with LOL, or X or a :) etc

3.       Not hanging out with people from your country. In fact you have to make three new friends from different countries. One of which has to be a Brit

4.       Not ordering takeout pizza

5.       Not watching TV shows from home……we could make it harder and make you only watch British TV soaps but we’re afraid that might push you over the edge

6.       Not hanging out in the student union bar

7.       Not taking a selfie of yourself doing a typically boring British thing

8.       Not eating any food from your home country and only eating British food

9.       Using “innit” at least twice a da

10.   Not complaining about how cold it is in the UK

 Good luck and let us know how you got on.

Top 10 things Brits gave up for Lent in 2017 were:

1. Chocolate

2. Social Networking

3. Alcohol

4. Twitter

5. Facebook

6. School

7. Meat

8. Sweets

9. Coffee

10. Fizzy drinks




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