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What happens if you don’t pay for a TV licence?

OUR BRIT SAYS:What happens if you don’t pay for a TV licence?

THERE used to be a television commercial of a creepy man in a van driving around the suburbs. He was using a machine to figure out who was watching television without a television licence, take a look below.  While this might sound ridiculous, it does make you wonder what happens if you don’t pay…

The television licence is an annual fee in the UK that you have to pay if you want to legally watch free-to-air TV. The money supports things like the BBC. For more information, including how to get a licence, see our accommodation section. To many international students it can seem bizarre that you require a licence for a television, but there are consequences if you don’t pay up.

Recently it was reported that 400, 000 people were caught watching television in 2012 without a TV licence. Now they face fines of up to £1,000 which is a huge jump from the £145.50 it costs for a yearly licence. But the most interesting part of the investigations was the list of reasons given for not having a licence. Here are our favourite from the report:

  • One person owned a corgi dog just like the Queen which is ‘apparently’ related to the Queen’s dog, therefore the person believed they didn’t need a licence.
  • Another person asked the authorities to charge her three year old son because he is the only one who watches the TV.
  • Losing weight and having to spend TV licence money on new clothes was one of the many excuses.
  • Finally, one person believed they would be dead soon and therefore did not want to pay for an entire year of television.

So remember even if you have the wackiest excuse possible, there is no excuse to avoid a hefty fine if you do not pay your TV licensing fee.

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