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Zoo stocktake: The best British Zoos to visit

ZSL Zoo pictures

Zoo time ... taking a stroll at ZSL zoo in London.   Photo: Jessie Brown.

THE annual Zoo stocktake is a great time of the year for UK zookeepers when they count all of the animals, both old and new. So we thought it was also time to take stock. Here are our top five picks of the best British Zoos to visit while studying in the UK…and the ones that have student ticket discounts.

Edinburgh Zoo, Edinburgh

Pandas…that should be enough to get you to this zoo but if you want more than bug cuddly pandas Edinburgh Zoo also has 1, 000 other animals stretched across parkland on the outskirts of the city. There is a Hilltop Safari which drives you around a little piece of Africa and the park has beautiful grounds because it was originally a nursery.

Concession ticket: £13

ZSL monkey - by Jessie BrownZSL London Zoo

Set out near Camden, London Zoo has all of the usual animals expected at a zoo. But it also has some very cool attractions such as a monkey forest you can walk through and come face-to-face with the animals…no cages. You might recognise the reptile building from the film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. The zoo also holds events during the year such as late night parties in the summer.

Concession ticket: £18.50

Bristol Zoo Gardens, Bristol

Bristol Zoo has 400 species of animals and it is a gorgeous zoo with plenty of character. There are many conservation programs you can learn about during your visit…being ‘green’ is very fashionable this year. Make sure you enter the Zoolympics where you can test your skill against the Usain Bolt of the animal kingdom.

Concession ticket: £13.50 - £15.50

Chester Zoo, ChesterDonkey at ZSL - by Jessie Brown

This is the largest zoo in the UK. There are 7,000 animals of 400 different species with many being classified as endangered or vulnerable species. By far the highlight is the black rhino experience and the huge butterfly house.

Concession ticket: £13.50 - £16.50

Drusillas Park, East Sussex

Good things come in small packages and this zoo is considered the best ‘small’ animal park in the UK. Everyone loves Lemur Land where the pesky animals can be watched for hours and the farmyard is a highlight because you can feed the animals.

Concession ticket: £16.99

Photos: Jessie Brown

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