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Zip World Wales

Zip World Wales

New heights ... Try something outside your comfort zone at Zip World. 

FLYING along at more than 70 miles per hour, soaring 700 feet over mountains and lakes, with the wind whipping through your hair seems an experience reserved only for the likes of Superman. However, you can hold off on wearing a cape or putting your underpants on the outside thanks to a new experience which opened this year.

Zip World in North Wales is a new attraction that sees visitors hurtle down a Welsh mountainside and across a disused quarry. Imagine being strapped into a very tightly-fastened harness, and then clipped onto a steel cable that stretches down to the bottom of a mountain. Then picture leaping head first off the mountain, suspended only by the cable, and speeding down towards the ground. That is a zip line. This would be terrifying enough if it was only for a few feet long. But this is the largest zip line in the northern hemisphere.

This first for the UK is located near Snowdonia; a large national park in North West of Wales. The line offers wonderful views of the surrounding mountains, Anglesey and even the Isle of Man on a very clear day. This is good news, as Snowdonia is widely regarded as one the finest examples of a national park in the UK, almost as beautiful as the famous Lake District. Tackling this attraction all depends on your courage though. Are you brave enough to ignore the ground rushing towards you at a gut-wrenching speed or strong enough to shrug off the pain of all the bugs flying into your face at 75 miles per hour?

Putting vertigo and insect-homicide to one side, Zip World is set to be one of the most intense thrill-seeking attractions in the UK. Short of jumping out of a plane, you are unlikely to find anything that will match this for a ‘wind-in-your-hair’ sensation. If sky-diving sounds appealing but you aren’t experienced enough to fly solo, this is the perfect alternative to satisfy your adrenaline needs. For more information or tickets see the Zip World website.

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