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Talk like a gentleman

Jessie Brown

The guide to talking, living and breathing like a real British ‘chap’.

Chap Olympiad London

Darling ... Is it time for the chaps for the umbrella jousting to take to the field yet?

WE have been inspired by the upcoming Chap Olympiad and decided it was time all our readers shaped up. With the launch of The Great Gatsby film and everyone starting to obsess over the 20s, it is the perfect time to embrace the gentlemanly behaviour of bygone eras. Here is our guide to being a ‘chap’.Chap Olympiad London

Say this:

  • ‘[H] ello love’ when greeting a young lady.
  • ‘How do you do?’ is the posh way of saying ‘How are you?’
  • ‘Cheerio’ is said when leaving a conversation or ‘Pip pip’.
  • ‘You twit’ is a great insult when someone is doing something stupid or annoying.
  • ‘It is an elaborate ruse’ is used to announce when something is fake or a trick.
  • ‘Great Scott’ is an expression of surprise!
  • ‘One is not impressed’, this can be used at the end of a bad film at the cinema.

Do this:

  • When someone enrages you shake your fist in the air in outrage.
  • Always queue politely, if there isn’t a queue simply make one.
  • Use a glove to slap someone in the face when you want to challenge them to a duel (of course this is a bit ‘old school’).
  • Eat a cucumber sandwich and proclaim it is ‘delectable’.
  • Drink a lot of tea, in fact you could just start carrying your own tea bags around.
  • Smoke from a big pipe like a puffing billy (that means smoke like a steam train).

Embrace the stereotype like we have and be the quintessential British chap! Head to the Chap Olympiad if you need some instruction on being a proper gentleman.

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