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How to be Mr Darcy

Jessie Brown

Mr Darcy makes British women swoon, we show you how to copy his moves and get the girls.

Mr Darcy Colin Firth

Handsome ... Colin Firth as the lovely Mr Darcy in Pride and Prejudice.

THE most wanted man in Britain is definitely Mr Darcy, the swarve romantic from Jane Austen’s novel Pride and Prejudice. Women love him and with the 200th anniversary of Pride and Prejudice being celebrated this month Mr Darcy will again be the topic of conversation amongst many young single women. It seems to us the only logical way to secure a date while studying in the UK is take a lesson from Mr Darcy and copy his moves. We give you our guide to being Mr Darcy:

  1. Status: Mr Darcy’s main social appeal was his high status due to his family name and wealth. Now you may not be a prince or come from a wealthy dynasty but we can sort you out with a title. You can buy land in Scotland for just £30 and with it the title of Lord. This is all legal and the deeds as well as documentation of your Scottish title is sent to you in the mail. For more information see our article about becoming a Lord or a Lady.
  2. Intelligence: Witty banter and a library of knowledge is what won Elizabeth Bennett into the arms of Mr Darcy. You could spend time studying and researching general knowledge in order to impress the ladies…or you could visit this website of witty things to say in conversation. We know what option we would choose.
  3. Man-scaping: Do you think Colin Firth’s luscious locks in Pride and Prejudice were thanks to genetics. NO…he had hair dressers and silky smooth shampoo. Your appearance needs to be chiselled and planned to be Mr Darcy. Beautiful hair, a well-kept face and absolutely perfect clothing choices. Perhaps get your female friends to help with the last one.
  4. Chivalry: This is the art of being a gentleman. Chivalrous men put women’s needs first. They open the door to allow a woman to walk through first, they pull out her chair at dinner and they walk on the road-side of the footpath to shield her from a wayward car. No need to vomit, we didn’t make this stuff up.
  5. Confidence: Women like confident men…what a shock. But arrogance can often be mistaken as confidence by many men. So teeter on the edge on arrogance and confidence and you will have the Mr Darcy thing down pat.

Now with these five simple steps you will have yourself an Elizabeth Bennett in no time at all. But if you don’t want a regal, slightly stuck-up and stubborn woman in your life then we suggest just being yourself, and asking a girl out for a coffee will always work. 

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