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Buy a title to become a Lord or Lady

Sophie Ellis

ONE of the most iconic elements if British culture and society is the long list of Lords, Ladies, Dukes, Duchesses and Royals. Titles that seem antiquated at times are actually a unique and much coveted aspect of Britain. But to have a title requires the person to be born into a family with land, wealth and a sturdy place in society.

WRONG… the innovative people in Scotland had a predicament. They needed money to help conserve their beautiful forests and they had a lot of forest space going unused. So they decided to sell the forest off in pieces along with the Lord, Lady or Laird title which comes with land ownership in the UK and all of the money goes towards conservation of the land.

Okay a quick refresh-you can buy a portion of land in Scotland off the internet and legally become a Lord, Lady or Laird. The terms Lord, Lady or Laird are not indicative of nobility, they are just a posh way of saying you are a land owner in a particular titled region.

The legal facts:

  • You own the land but there are rules about what you can do with it. For example you cannot build your dream home, but you can pitch a tent and enjoy the lovely natural landscape.
  • You receive a deed to the land stating it is yours by rights.
  • You can legally change your name to Lord INSERT NAME on your driver’s licence, passport, travel card and any other identity documentation. This is definitely the best part and something you can forever show your friends, family, and prospective dates. Who doesn’t want to date a Lord?
  • You can leave your land to your next of kin in your will for inheritance.
  • You don’t have to be British to buy land in Scotland

How to buy land:

Visit a reputable website, our suggestion is Highland Titles which sells land for as little at £29. 99 per square foot. The price increases with the size of the plot and the plot options include 10 square foot, 100 or 1000 square foot.

The catch: This is a wonderful program which helps conserve the natural landscape of Scotland. But because it is a forest you do run the risk of buying a square of land which is completely taken up by one large tree. But we say ‘who cares!’ you now own a tree as well as a chunk of land and a title.

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