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What is Lent? And why do people give something up for Lent?



Lent is a big thing in the UK, as it is in many countries that follow the Christian faith.

It is ta radition held by the Christian church, but is often now observed by anyone who wants to purge an element from their life. It lasts for 40 days, starting on Ash Wednesday and finishing on Maundy Thursday (when the Last Supper took place) and it symbolises the time Jesus spent in the desert and is a time for fasting and reflection.

People give up thing they love to eat, such as chocolate or crisps. People also pledge to do things that would improve their lives, such as exercise, learn a new skill or not spend every spare minute on social media!

The GB Mag team have made their pledges, which go something like this David is going to give up hair gel. Sophie is going to give up biscuits. Wahida is going to  stop buying yet another pair of shoes and I your resident Brit? Well, after much deliberation, the team has decided I should give up watching First Dates’ – which has sent shivers down my back. I'll put it out there now that this may be an impossible task!

Let me know what you are intending to give up.

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