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Can you explain the BREXIT debate?

Question asked by Ahmed from Egypt


This question is on everyone’s lips and it is a serious one – but I have to confess it just makes me think of The Clash lyrics “should I stay or should I go”…..

OK, on a serious note Brits will be voting on whether to stay in the European Union or leave it on 23 June. “BREXIT” is short for the Britain exit campaign and the remain campaign is popularly shortened to “Bremain”.

But why are the Brits voting in or out? Well to answer that I’ll have to include a bit of history about the UK’s membership of the EU.  It started in the late 60s when the UK applied twice to join what was then called the European Economic Community (EEC) but was blocked by France (mean)!

The UK finally got its wish and in 1973 it became a member of the EEC. 

By 1987 the Single European Act was passed and it covered the free movement of goods and services. However, over the years the remit, power and control that Brussel wields has become stronger leading to much debate over the merits of membership.

The “out” campaign feel that leaving the EU will save the UK money, allow the UK to govern itself better, avoid losing our currency and reduce immigration. Whilst the “in” campaign believe that we would be heading for an economic meltdown. They argue that the UK would no longer be appealing for foreign businesses and the cost of doing business in Europe would rise, which would affect the cost of everyday things, such as food.

Each side of the debate is being hotly contested and if the pollsters are right the BREXIT campaign has the lead!

Let me know what you think about whether the UK should remain in the EU or leave. Post your comments on our Facebook page.


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