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Are Northerners more friendlier than Southerners?

Question from Ariana, 21, who is from the USA.


There is no missing the rivalry between the north and south. Northerners accuse people living in the south, which basically means people living in London, of being “southern fairies”. Translated that means they think southerners don’t know what an honest day’s work means and talk endlessly about things that don’t matter, such as the arts and spend way too much money in wine bars.Southerners like to refer to people from the north as “northern monkeys” which translated means they think northerners are uncultured.

The war of words between the north and the south rages but to answer your question objectively I am going to refer to scientific research carried out by the University of Cambridge.  It found that people from Yorkshire are the most helpful when asked for directions and people from Scotland are the friendliest.

Why is this I hear you asking? Well let’s go back to the research.  It’s due to economic, social and health reasons.  People in the north enjoy a better standard of living for less.  Property prices are lower, people have more leisure time and commuting isn’t as stressful. I mean taking the tube at rush hour would be enough to push even the friendliest person over the edge.

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